Astrolab propels public and private sector innovation in a number of ways




Astrolab works with innovators within public or private organisations who wish to benefit from partnerships to commercialise their relatively complex, high-tech, specialised or advanced, concepts and technologies.


Astrolab was commissioned with the support of the New Zealand Government to increase the amount of quality, export-focused ventures arising from highly leverageable, technologies born in NZ.


Astrolab is able to provide significant funding for each qualifying venture – a mix of government and private funding.  Astrolab leverages a diverse range of local and international capital and commercial partners.  These partners also offer relevant insight to assist venture value development.


Astrolab’s team champion and drive a venture’s commercial success by providing a professional venture environment. We assist with venture planning, high-tech product refinement, professional development, communication, market positioning and growth, legals and financial management.