Astrolab ventures undergo a tailored and phased commercialisation process. Through several levels of validation they then graduate to incubation where they prepare themselves and then launch.

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 MOXION (Graduated)

Through deep industry insight and leveraging the best of cloud computing and workflow design, the Moxion team have developed a ground-breaking platform that transforms the way movies are made, reducing risk and improving the quality of any film or TV production using their platform. The offering is currently in beta release and has been used in several major films and TV productions in NZ, USA and China. For more detail check out

Aquafortus (Graduated)

Many industries face significant challenges around managing and extracting value from wastewater. Aquafortus developed a chemical draw solution enabling energy efficient clean water recovery at industrial scale. It can outperform current incumbents by reducing energy consumption by up to 90% and lowering OPEX by up to 60%. Aquafortus have secured patents in the US and signed a US$40MM license deal for a pilot plant.


Ubiquitome (Graduated)

Ubiquitome’s mission is to enable universal access to genomic information through ubiquitous cloud connected, genetic analysis devices. Ubiquitome developed a mobile, cloud-connected PCR devices for out-of-lab genomic analysis, enabling research and medical decisions to be made in remote areas. The Liberty16 version of the device is fully developed and has been comprehensively tested and trialled. Industry pilot sales are currently underway.


Varroa mites are a constant threat to beehives around the world and are thought to be the main factor contributing to colony losses and colony collapse disorder. Pheromite offers an approach to control and mitigate the presence of varroa mites in beehives without causing damage to the bee colony. In silico modelling and the first round of behavioural assays are complete. Round two of behavioural assays are currently underway.


Fishery Logistics

With deep industry experience, the Fishery Logistics team have developed a tiered technology solution that collates, improves and distributes fishery data/information for industry and governments worldwide. This platform has been tested and validated on fishing fleets around NZ to effectively improve the fishing value chain from end to end.


Birds are responsible for damaging US$260 Billion of crops every year. At present, there is no effective solution on the market that deters birds from either the bulbs and fruits. Envisi is a bird-deterrent technology utilising directional polarised light to keep birds from damaging crops and property. The technology has been successfully trialled with wine grapes and kiwi fruit, but new trials indicate that more advanced rotational polarised light is likely to be a more effective deterrent. Further R&D work is underway to create the next generation of polarised lamps.


Flow Holdings

A world-first non-metallic (organic) redox flow battery to provide near-infinite charging cycles. Technology is being designed for use in sub-division, industrial and whole-house level power storage. The chemical function has been proven in the lab and successfully tested in-silico. Laboratory work is now underway to enhance performance and storage of the battery.


Technology solution connecting the elderly to their family and carers using familiar TV remotes and equipment. Enabling conversations, video calls, health data connection and e-commerce selection. Trials are underway in elderly homes, hospitals and diabetic care schemes to refine product features and user interface.



Freighthub provides businesses with a cost effective and easy freight solution. Algorithm analysing GPS data feeds from trucks to identify truck weight and spare capacity on different routes. The spare capacity is matched with businesses sending freight to optimise efficiency of road freight. Freighthub has successfully launched into the New Zealand market and integrated with many industry leading systems. The company is now building further scale in New Zealand and targeting offshore expansion.

Transfection .jpg


Current methods for drug and protein delivery into microbial organisms’ cells are highly complicated and largely ineffectual. Transfection is a new drug delivery system that actively transport drugs and nanobody-sized proteins across the cell membranes of microbial organisms. Laboratory tests are currently underway to further prove the technology and prepare for Phase 1 clinical trials.

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NPX Environmental

The build-up of excess nutrients in soil and waterways adversely alters ecosystems in the environment and can lead to the formation of toxic by-products. A laser-driven sensor technology for monitoring nitrates, phosphates and bacterial content in waterways. Calculating deviations from baseline levels, this enables greater control for industry and greater transparency for regulators. Laboratory tests have proven accurate in determining nutrient levels. The design and build of a prototype device are currently underway, in partnership with a leading farm products supplier in New Zealand.


It is complicated and costly for an organisation to identify in early development stage which drug will be safe. A computer simulation that replicates the human protein environment and enables screening of a single compound against 1000’s of human proteins, enabling researchers and pharmaceutical companies to predict the likelihood that a drug will be safe for use in humans. The protein database is currently being compiled in parallel with the development of the underlying code and algorithms.



Novel compound to kick-start and speed up the wound healing process

Enzymes tailored to target specific serious bacterial infections

Hair cutting device to automatically map, learn and cut complex hairstyles on the human head

A compound to manage Pseudomonas syringae pv. Actinidiae (Psa) bacterial infections in kiwifruit.

Hard wood alternative, a sustainable future for the construction industry

A bioreactor for removal of nitrates from contaminated waterways.

·       A coating to give added structural and functional benefits to metal surfaces

·       Software and data learning tool to improve activity flow in hospitals