Astrolab ventures undergo a tailored and phased commercialisation process. Through several levels of validation they then graduate to incubation where they prepare themselves and then launch.

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 MOXION (Graduated)

Through deep industry insight and leveraging the best of cloud computing and workflow design, the Moxion team have developed a ground-breaking platform that transforms the way movies are made, reducing risk and improving the quality of any film or TV production using their platform. The offering is currently in beta release and has been used in several major films and TV productions in NZ, USA and China. For more detail check out

Fishery Logistics

With deep industry experience, the Fishery Logistics team have developed a tiered technology solution that collates, improves and distributes fishery data/information for industry and governments worldwide. This platform has been tested and validated on fishing fleets around NZ to effectively improve the fishing value chain from end to end.




By focusing on ease of use and integration with the most well-known technology on the planet, Popin have developed a unique platform for engaging the debilitated and aging community. The venture ties a tried and true business model with a new device, overcoming a challenging barrier to entry, as well as channeling other emerging technologies.


Varroa mites are a constant threat to beehives around the world and are thought to be the main factor contributing to colony losses and colony collapse disorder. By leveraging cutting-edge science with deep industry knowledge Pheromite has developed a novel approach to control Varroa mites in beehives. Although the initial focus is in controlling the Varroa mite, the technology developed will have long ranging applications on broader pest and insect management in years to come.



Many industries face significant challenges around managing and extracting value from waste water. Aquafortus has developed a novel draw solution enabling an extremely energy efficient forward osmosis process to tackle this waste water challenge. The Aquafortus system effectively reduces the volume of any waste water created in an industrial process, improving the recovery of valuable minerals and significantly reducing associated costs, with the byproduct being fresh water.


Envisi offers a novel bird deterrent system for protecting high value crops, such as wine grapes and Kiwi-fruit, at a fraction of the current cost. This solution can easily be left in place or moved as required with no impact on other fruit management activities.



By leveraging the best of cloud computing and adaptive learning, the QuickSense team has developed a unique platform that will drive 21st century learning pedagogy. The QuickSense learning engine guides students towards understanding concepts, by adapting to each persons unique pace and learning ability. Instant feedback to students and teachers on individual or collective progress, dramatically reduces the administrative process as well as enabling students to achieve mastery over a given subject. For the latest progress, check out

Flow Holdings

Flow Holdings are developing an advanced, innovative organic flow battery. Tuned to either providing near-infinite charging cycles, or highburst power needs, the batteries will be significantly cheaper and environmentally friendly to manufacture and own. 



Freighthub provides businesses with a cost effective and easy freight solution. Using innovative systems and a depth of knowledge of the industry, they are able to allocate freight in an efficient and intelligent manner to increase fleet utilisation, and reduce freight costs. 


Ubiquitome's mission is to enable universal access to genomic information through ubiquitous cloud connected, genetic analysis devices. Ubiquitome's first product, the Freedom 4 has been designed to offer the gold standard performance of laboratory based platforms anytime, anywhere.



A medical device to improve the experience of having blood drawn

Using big data and machine learning techniques to improve the drug development process

A small, cost effective, hand-held nitrate sensor

A new gold standard drug delivery system

Hard wood alternative, a sustainable future for the construction industry

Thermal management solutions using Metamaterials